Laptop BGA Chiplevel Service

Laptop BGA Chiplevel Service
Starts from:Sun, January 19, 2020 10:30AM - 1:30PM
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Jubilee Building , T.B Road , Near Kalyan Silks , Kottayam , Kerala , India,Kottayam,Kerala,India

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Course Feature
  • Course Code CSS-Chip-Level-L2
  • Duration 2 and half months
  • Course Type Advanced
  • Classes Days Monday to Friday
  • Campus New York Campus
  • Min Qualification Aptitude in Electronics
Class Description


The thoroughly revised and updated curriculum is based on the emerging trends in the laptop service industry and will be a comprehensive coverage of the laptop service including the chip-level troubleshooting of laptop motherboards and other logic and power electronic circuits.

Chip-level Training will be customized for your present knowledge  of electronics.  power electronic components will be introduced before we move to the logics section. First session will get you familiarized with the tools for the lab including the heat blower, Cathode Ray Oscilloscope , Infrared Heater , Micro Soldering Station , BGA rework station  Etc.

Power electronic knowledge is imaprted with training session on  SMPS and CRT monitor . After you become comfortable with power electronics the logic session follows . It is an intensive coverage into the intricate details of chip-level service of the laptops and also desktop Motherboards. This involves detailed circuit tracing , signal analysis , replacement of SMD devices , hands on session on imported production line BGA Rework station and BGA reballing equipments and all the tips and tricks our service engineers acquired from the years of experiences.  the session  makes you confident enough to chip-level service the new generation notebooks  and net-books in the industry.

Is it Worth your Time and Money ?

  • If you have to feel comfortable with laptop chiplevel training , make sure you are already comfortable with desktop hardware service. Our session is aimed at a professional who has hands-on knowledge in desktop hardware service .  


Frequently Asked Questions

We will always tempted to say a big YES because of obvious reasons. But think about it yourself. If you are really a novice in IT , we have some basic sessions which will convert yourself eligible enough to attend the Laptop chip-level. And some of these sessions are offered even free by our hardware training division . Get in touch with our front office to check it .

Your background with hardware what we are expecting as the background. If you are willing to learn electronics from the ground up and not afraid about the term “ electronics ” , we can do that

We will start with power electronics which is going to be your foundation to the digital electronics. So we will have a hands on session on SMPS and CRT monitor to get you comfortable with power electronics . It is a short session and aftre which we are moving to the logics section of the training. Which will begin with desktop motherboard servicing. Here you will get yourself familiarized with all kind of modern testing equipment like CRO , LCR , IR welder , Soldering station and BGA rework station

We did not mentioned that you are joining a batch. Actually we are having an one to one interactive session directly done by our service division head. So you can ensure that you are doing your practicals by yourself and you can move the session according to your pace . So that means the technical background of the person sitting next to you ( or lack of it ) is not going to affect your sessions.

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