Free IT Infra Training for everyone


We have seen various blogs and YouTube channels offering technology tips and tech reviews on various gadgets and concepts, but there is a rare chance that such posts cover any IT subject from the very basic to advanced level whether it is software related or IT infrastructure related and even rarer as far as blogs based on Malayalam language is concerned. the video blogging portal of Corona Institute of Technology has now announced a full fledged video session on IT Infrastructure management in Hardware and Networking.  Rather than a basic awareness session, it is a full course on hardware and networking which can convert an IT aspirant to an IT professional and the best part is that it is offered FREE over the YouTube so that you can be part of the session by any of your internet connected device.

Whether you are a developer, implementer or even a normal computer user, the in-depth knowledge of the hardware part of the system is essential for maintaining the productivity in any computing environment and this session comes as bliss for anyone who wishes to acquire that skills from the comfort of their place and offered absolutely free.

Please visit the site by clicking here or the image below

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