Looking for a Job after CCNA , MCSE or RHCE ?

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So you have done your fair share of effort to become an IT professional by becoming certified in Cisco , Microsoft or  RHCE  and started searching for the dream career in IT ?

Add value to your Certification with  VMware  Virtualization Training 

With your Microsoft certification skills , you learned the roles of a system administrator in a Microsoft Networking environment . With your Cisco Skills , you know how to manage an inter networking and your Linux skills make to competent enough to  work with Linux Boxes .

But are you aware that al these segments are going through a paradigm shift for the last few years and virtualization is revolutionizing the  data-centres  by replacing the physical servers , routers , switches and storages with its virtual counterparts ?

If you check the job roles on most of the job portals , you will find that the skills in VMware Virtualization become a mandatory part of almost all the job which  you can previously  apply with your Microsoft and Cisco skills few years back  . That means your Certifications on IT infra will hold good only if you have a proper knowledge of  VMware Data center Virtualization .

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Data center  virtualization training from Corona Institute is a balanced training session that covers physical production server management , datacenter virtualization with VMware and even storage management  up to iSCSI implementation to assure you a full hands on session to make you industry ready than just passing an exam . Meanwhile we also make sure you get all the aspects of VCP exam blueprint covered in the hands on sessions , so that you can  face the exam without  all those brain dump questions .

To know more about the VMware datacenter virtualization training offered by Corona , Please visit the details of the session by clicking here    on this link


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